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J Skeldon Consulting Partners believes in the transformative power of building partnerships, fostering dynamic teams, and driving community engagement.


SOLUTIONS for Organizations

Ignite Collaborative Sparks

Unveil New Possibilities

Empower Purposeful Connections

Unleash the Power of Community

Supercharge Mission-Driven Initiatives

Elevate Your Brand’s Impact

Craft Meaningful Communication

Guide Your Path to Success

Community Go-Getter's

We specialize in helping nonprofit organizations connect with like-minded partners to create a network of individuals dedicated to delivering essential services and resources within their community.

Proven Experience

With over 25 years of experience working with nonprofit and mission-driven organizations, we offer a unique perspective through service in several roles, including leadership, development, event planning, and board and volunteer service. We’ve walked the journey and understand the demands and challenges mission-driven organizations face.

Champion Energizer

We champion organizations to connect with like-minded, mission-driven partners, creating teams that bring and enhance essential services and resources in their community. Our spark energizes teams to stay focused, organized, and responsive while inspiring others to make a meaningful difference in the community.