Author, Aly Sterling, Founder and President of Aly Sterling Philanthropy has launched her first book, 37: The Year I Stopped Making Excuses, Embraced My Power, and Launched My Million-Dollar Business.

37 shares Aly’s journey of founding her company 12 years ago at the beginning of a recession, while going through a divorce, and with three small children. 37 emphasizes the importance of leading other entrepreneurs by example and the not-so-normal obstacles women face when entering the entrepreneurial world. 37 is part memoir and part self-help.

  • Move past those self-sabotaging limiting beliefs
  • Avoid emotional roadblocks (a.k.a the “orange barrels” of life)
  • Navigate changing relationships (and get rid of the toxic ones)
  • Take the leap, say YES to your vision (because there’s no such thing as perfect timing)

“Aly Sterling shares the beautiful elements of a successful company, accolades earned, and honors bestowed from professional colleagues. However, the guts of 37, and the “what” Aly wants the reader to leave with is the complex, messy, and hidden surprises, more like WTF moments – faced when launching a business. 37 walks readers through the weeds of the unknown, with humor, honesty, and humility. As a woman and entrepreneur, 37, is a guide to share with the tribe, re-read when the frustrated and defeated, and celebrate our inner Aly when we nail-it.” — Jen Skeldon, J. Skeldon Consulting Partners and Events

To learn more about 37 visit: or click the image below.